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Remal's Nurse Calling Systems: Streamlining Patient-Caregiver Communication

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Nurse Calling Systems: Enhancing Responsiveness in Health Care

Enhance patient care in your UAE healthcare facility with Remal's Nurse Calling Systems, ensuring prompt response and effective communication between patients and caregivers

Types of Nurse Calling Systems

  • Basic Nurse Call Buttons: Allow patients to alert nursing staff from their bedside.
  • Bathroom Pull-Cord Systems: Provide a way for patients to call for help from the bathroom.
  • Wireless Nurse Call Systems: Allow communication without the need for wired installations.
  • Integrated Nurse Call Systems: Connect with other hospital systems for comprehensive patient care.
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Benefits of Nurse Calling Systems

Improved Communication
Improved Communication

Ensure quick and effective communication between patients and caregivers.

Increased Efficiency
Increased Efficiency

Enable nursing staff to respond promptly to patient needs.

Patient Safety
Patient Safety

Reduce risks by providing immediate access to help.

Data Collection
Data Collection

Gather data for performance reviews and quality assurance


Connect with other systems for a holistic approach to patient care.

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