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Remal's Access Control Systems: Regulating Access for Ultimate Security

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Access Control Systems: The Key to a Secure Environment

Regulate entry to your UAE property with Remal's Access Control Systems, offering advanced features for customized and controlled access.

Types of Access Control Systems

  • Biometric Access Control Systems: Use fingerprint, facial recognition, or iris scanning for access.
  • Card Reader Access Control Systems: Use cards or fobs for access.
  • Keypad Access Control Systems: Use PIN codes for secure entry.
  • Mobile Access Control Systems: Use smartphones for secure and convenient access.
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Benefits of Access Control Systems

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security

Limit access to authorized individuals only.

Audit Trails
Audit Trails

Know who has entered or exited, and when.

No Need for Physical Keys
No Need for Physical Keys

Less risk of lost or duplicated keys


Set permissions based on individuals, times, or areas.

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