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Remal's PABX Systems: Streamlining Communication in Your Business

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PABX Systems: Efficient Telecommunication Solutions for Modern Businesses

Enhance your UAE business communication with Remal's PABX Systems, ensuring efficient and seamless telecommunication within your organization.

Types of PABX Systems

  • IP PABX Systems: Use internet protocol technology for call transmission.
  • Hybrid PABX Systems: Combine traditional phone lines with IP technology.
  • Virtual PABX Systems: Hosted in the cloud for flexibility and scalability.
  • Analog/Traditional PABX Systems: Use conventional phone lines for call transmission.
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Benefits of PABX Systems

Improved Communication
Improved Communication

Enable easy internal and external communication.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

Reduce telecommunication costs, especially for long-distance calls.


Easily adjust based on the size and needs of your business

Advanced Features
Advanced Features

Enjoy features like call holding, forwarding, recording, and auto-attendant.


Combine with other business systems for improved efficiency

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