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Illuminate Your Space Intelligently and create a light for each mood with Remal's Smart Lighting

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Shedding New Light on Home Automation

Brief about the subject: Remal's Smart Lighting solutions allow you to customize, control, and conserve the lighting of your home in the UAE, all at your fingertips.

Types of Smart Lighting

  • Smart Bulbs: Allow color and brightness control right from your device.
  • Smart Light Switches: Turn conventional lights into smart lights.
  • Smart Plugs: Automate lamps and other plug-in lighting devices.
  • Smart Light Strips: Provide accent lighting with a touch of customization.
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Benefits of Smart Lighting

Energy Savings
Energy Savings

Automated controls save energy and lower electricity bills.


Change the mood with adjustable color and brightness


Control lights remotely and set schedules for automatic adjustments.

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security

Use lighting schedules to simulate occupancy when you're away.


Works seamlessly with other smart home devices for total home automation

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