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Remal's SMATV Systems: Unifying Your TV Signal Distribution

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SMATV Systems: Simplified TV Distribution for Large Establishments

Streamline TV signal distribution in your UAE establishment with Remal's SMATV Systems, ensuring consistent and high-quality reception in every unit.

Types of SMATV Systems

  • Satellite SMATV Systems: Use satellite dishes for signal reception.
  • Cable SMATV Systems: Use cable networks for signal distribution.
  • Hybrid SMATV Systems: Combine satellite and cable networks for comprehensive coverage.
  • IP SMATV Systems: Use internet protocol for distributing TV content over a network.
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Benefits of SMATV Systems

Centralized Distribution
Centralized Distribution

Manage and distribute multiple TV signals from a single point.

Quality Reception
Quality Reception

Ensure clear signal quality in all units.


Reduce costs associated with individual satellite or cable subscriptions.


Select which channels to include in your distribution.

Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

Troubleshoot and maintain the system centrally.

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