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Detect. Alert. Secure: Smart sensors by Remal Security for complete home protection

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Smart Sensors: Redefining Safety in the UAE

At Remal, we harness advanced technology for optimal security. Our smart sensors integrate seamlessly with your home, promoting peace of mind in the UAE.

Types of Smart Sensors

Choose the sensors you need, let them monitor your home and provide convenience

  • Motion Detection Sensors: Monitor unusual movement in your home.
  • Temperature Sensors: Track changes in temperature that may indicate a fire or a malfunctioning HVAC.
  • Door/Window Sensors:Alert you when doors or windows are opened or closed.
  • Water Leak Sensors:Warn you of potential water leaks before significant damage occurs.
  • Smoke and CO Detectors:Provide immediate notification in case of fire or carbon monoxide detection.
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Benefits of Smart Sensors:

Enhanced Safety
Enhanced Safety

Real-time alerts allow you to respond quickly to potential dangers

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Automated adjustments of utilities based on your behavior patterns to save energy

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

Track your home security anywhere, anytime through our mobile app

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Sleep better knowing sensors are monitoring will detect issues before they get serious

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