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Centralized Control with Remal's Smart Hubs

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Smart Hubs: The Nerve Center of Your Intelligent Home

Brief about the subject: Remal’s Smart Hubs are the backbone of our smart home ecosystem, centralizing control for unparalleled convenience and efficiency in your UAE home.

Types of Smart Hubs

  • Z-Wave Hubs: Allow integration of hundreds of devices for comprehensive home automation.
  • Zigbee Hubs: Known for low power consumption, ideal for battery-powered smart devices.
  • WiFi Hubs: Provide integration with cloud services for remote access and control.
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Benefits of Smart Hubs

Unified Control
Unified Control

Manage all your smart devices from one place.

• Scalability
• Scalability

Start small and add more devices as needed.

• Customized Automations
• Customized Automations

Set up routines that suit your lifestyle

Remote Access
Remote Access

Control your home's devices from anywhere


Easily integrate new devices as technology evolves

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