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Remal's Smart Projectors: Big-Screen Entertainment, Redefined

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Smart Projectors: Bringing the Cinema Experience Home

Brief about the subject: Transform your living room into a personal theater with Remal's Smart Projectors, offering vivid imagery and seamless integration in your UAE home.

Types of Smart Projectors

  • Mini Projectors: Compact and portable, perfect for small spaces or on-the-go presentations.
  • Home Theater Projectors: Deliver high-quality, big-screen viewing experiences.
  • Pico Projectors: Extremely small projectors ideal for personal use and small presentations.
  • Multimedia Projectors: Connect with various types of media sources for diverse usage.
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Benefits of Smart Projectors

Cinematic Experience
Cinematic Experience

Enjoy movies and shows on a big screen from the comfort of home.


Use for entertainment, presentations, or educational purposes.

Wireless Connectivity
Wireless Connectivity

Stream content directly from your devices.

Easy Control
Easy Control

Use voice commands or apps to control the projector.

Enhanced Engagement
Enhanced Engagement

Make your presentations more engaging and interactive.

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